We Grow Berries.

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest. 

Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range, our farm was homesteaded in the mid 1800s. Before that, for centuries, it had been a perfect habitat for wild horses, mountain lions and rattlesnakes.

We still got coyotes and rattlers and Gardner snakes and even some barn owls. It’s a different pace up here.

The volcanic soil and the glacier waters from Rimrock lake, combined with high desert sunshine 300 days a year, make a fertile ground for berries.

When Mount St Helens erupted in 1980, over a thousand feet were blown off the top of the mountain. The westerly winds carried tons of ash and topsoil and dumped it onto our land, inches deep. The apples and morels went wild for several years. To this day, our berries benefit from the wonderful minerals deposited by that enormous volcanic eruption.

We organically and sustainably grow small patches of blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, aroniaberries, black wild grapes, gooseberries, arctic kiwiberries, and many rosebushes, pollinators, trees and shrubs to support biodiversity.

The winters here are long and there is a lot of snow – perfect for highbush berries, aronias and currants that need long hibernation periods in order to thrive during the spring and summer months.

The land has not seen any pesticides, chemicals or plastic. There are no towns where the wind blows from. To the West it’s the hills and peaks of Mount Rainier National Park, beyond the mountains is the Pacific Coast and beyond that just the open ocean all the way to Japan.

So our air is clean – pristine. And our water comes straight from the glaciers of Mount Rainier so it’s crystal clear. The berry plants love it and we love it too. 

We run on solar and do most work by hand so there is little in terms of energy use or waste. It’s a lot of work but ultimately better for the soil and for the soul as well.

We have been 100% USDA organic certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

We are also certified by the Real Organic Project.

Organic Berries - Berrysprinkles

Pollinators- solitary bumble bee on blue wildflower at Mount Rainier Ecofarm